Information Jailbreak Rules & Guide

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Apr 15, 2019

"!motd" (Opens rules page)
- "!zrewards" (Opers rewards menu)
- "!shop" (Opens Pointshop)
- "!donate" (Opens donation store)

20% chance to receive a random crate (Model, Trail, Accessory, Vape, Weapon, Item) or 15K points every 10 minutes
- Guests (Default rank) earn 4K points every 5 minutes, Slurp Slaves (Max rank, 120 hours) earn 10K points every 5 minutes.

Prisoner Team:
As a Prisoner, your goal is to either follow the Warden's commands as closely as possible, or find a way to successfully rebel against the Guard team. Utilize your listening skills or knowledge of the map to be the last Prisoner standing. Sometimes you will be granted a Last Request, which means you may suggest what activities the Warden makes the prison participate in the following round.

Guard Team:
As a Guard, your objective is to serve and protect the Warden while preventing Prisoners from rebelling. Keep a close eye on people trying to escape, and be sure to call out to your team when you see a Prisoner wielding a weapon! If the Warden is killed in action, it becomes a Free Day, and you must defend yourself against the remaining rebels.

As the Warden, you are in charge of both the Prisoners and the Guards. Your job is to thin the herd of Prisoners through activities that result in death upon failure. You should reference the list of recommended days in the rulers page if you're running low on ideas. Make sure all competition between Prisoners is fair and in accordance with the server rules!
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