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    What Do You Guys think about T7T?

    T out of 7th just the right amount of taco
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    Admin plz

    Edimin pluz hoop uhzs
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    What do you like to do in your sparetime?

    I play video games (everything except horror), watch youtube, and if I'm not doing either of those, probably complain aloud to myself that I'm bored (can also happen as I do the other 2 things)
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    Admin plz

    Oodmon! Thee ohnerdz are rdmi ng me an me fronds
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    Your most played game

    This is a thread to say what game you have sunk the most time into in either one session and/or overall and give a reason if you want to. If it ever changes, then come say what the new game is. My most played game is Garry's Mod with 1,630 hours and counting. It would be more if it wasn't for...
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    boogbug is moo

    That one died forever, but I used it's screen and 1 minute lifespan (out of charging) battery to replace my laptop with a broken screen and apparently forever dead battery that I had before the one in the quote and it's less stupid so now I can play games, be on discord, and be slightly less...
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    Official Murder Suggestions

    Is there some voo doo magic that you can do to fix my color blindness since this game is very reliant on color?
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    Favorite Game OSTs

    At least half of the Sonic Aventure 2 songs
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    Stuff you made

    Here you can just shamelessly plug things that you have created, like: art, steam workshop stuff, custom stuff on games that aren't on steam, etc (just no telling people to play on a server you and/or someone else has or stuff like that, it doesn't count). <---- you can tell it's important...
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    boogbug is moo

    Hello, I am boogbug. My computer (laptop that is at least 5+ years old as of typing this) is garbage so you'll probably only see me on discord doing 1 of 3 things: being alone and bored, not talking and being bored, or saying random stupid things to people and hopefully not being bored. I have...
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    Your Childhood Shows

    This thread is to say why show(s) from your childhood suck and/or are great. Example: Blues Clue was great because it had steve who is much better than Joe (i think that was his name), and it was fun to guess what the clue hinted at.